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It’s the only word some need to hear. What’s that mean? The only word? Well, you’re like Ford. Oh yeah. Or Shell. Or Woolworth’s. Woolworth’s. Yes, that’s game uh game that’s very interesting. What I’m saying is Kray is a brand game and an established reputation means less maintenance, less violence. Y’know? People fall, actually, into line. Clubs are asking for our protection before we even offer it. Yeah, that’s true, actually. They, uh, yes.. I suppose that would leave us with less straightening out to do. He’s right. Makes sense. See, but I happen to like game I like straightening out, y’know? Once in a while game obliging someone to the old cobbles, ey? Whats wrong with that? I just think you could do better, Ron, y’know. It will keep you out of prison. I mean, none of us are getting any younger. Y’know, you need to leave this all behind you, I mean. Y’know, you’ve got to look to the future, you and that lovely young wife of yours. Fairy tales! That’s ing water. This is a firm, right? I’m a ing face. Are you alright, mate? Can you see? I’ll ing serve you up, you ing cunt. ing bent out of order! I don’t ing like him. I don’t trust him. He talks too much, ask too many questions. I want him ing dead. Leslie Payne, right, is our business, mate, and you want him dead? It’s game I mean, have you been taking your tablets? tablets, right? Bugger tablets. Bugger Payne, the ing game pain in the ass and his briefcase. I don’t give a what’s in there. I want to know what’s going on up there. He knows too much about game things. Things about us, Reggie. He knows too many things about us. He knows too many things about us? Right, Albie, do you know things about us, ey? You know things, ey? About Ron game about me, about the firm, right? You know about game about payments, right? Do you know that we cash bearer bonds, yeah? Do you know we pay off juries to make them look ing favorably upon us, do you? Yes. You do. There’s a ing surprise. Jack, mate, do you know anything about fraud? Anything at all. Take a punt. Do you know anything about