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You’re gonna go with Harry? No, Dan, I ain’t gonna go with Harry. Didn’t recognise this place until I saw that peak. Then I remembered. Guess I decided then. It’s just a waste, living like this, Arch. It’s been building up a long while. Well, I’m going with the boy. Ha. Always wanted to see that ocean. Come on. It’s a real good ‘un, Sam. It’s a real good ‘un. Let’s have a look at that bottle. Hey, boy. There ain’t hardly a mouthful left in here. Have to get another one. Gonna ride out in the morning? Not the way I’m drinking this whiskey, I won’t. How long is it gonna take you to ride back? A week, thereabouts. How you know there’s anything for you there? I mean, what if she’s married? Haven’t thought on it. Well. Well. You come on out to the coast, maybe we’ll meet up again. Maybe, Arch. Maybe so. Well, looks like Dan’s already been here and cut himself something out. Well, what’ll you have? Same as your partner? Well, what did he have? Well, he had a bit of prime. Three dollars’ worth, to be exact. Well, that’s Dan for the night. Mm. You might as well give us a couple of shots of that Double Eagle there. Oh, Mother! Mother! Mother, I’m sick. I’m Games I’m sick. Is he dead? You shoot him? This is my wife. I found him in our house. He was attacking her. I called him and I thought he went for his gun. But I guess he was just pulling on his pants. I’ll take care of the burying. That’s all right. We’ll see to it. How did he find your wife? Why, I guess he just saw her outside and followed her home. When I got there, he was all over her. You mind if I ask her about that? Well, she don’t speak any American. Won’t do you any good. Don’t seem to me there’s much to ask. The woman’s all messed up. Your friend’s got his pants half off. Seems pretty plain to me. Where can we bury him? Why don’t you just let that go till the morning? I’ll close my canteen and you can let him rest here for the night. We’ll bury him now. Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, “‘See, the Kingdom is in heaven’, “then the birds of the heaven