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Tom And Jack I believe was invented in your country. Ill ask you once more. Who was the American agent? Ill ask you again. Was it Weinstein? Come on! Stairs! You piece of shit! Your odds are running out! Who was the American agent? Was it Weinstein? Hanley. John Hanley. Hanley? Yeah. Was it this guy? The guy in the middle? No. Peter, thats him. The bald guy. Yes. Go. Here you go, take this. Use the service elevator. What about you? Check into the Hyatt Hotel. If I dont turn up, go to the Dutch embassy. Identify yourself and tell them everything. Ask for assylum. Go. Okay. Hes headed to the basement. Repeat that. Hes got to be heading to the basement. Cover the back stairs. Traveling. Whered he go? I do not know. You go that way. Check this out. Jesus! You need to see something. Who was the American agent? Was it Weinstein? Hanley. John. This is messed up. Hanley. Were taking this to Weinstein right now. You, stay. Tits, back to your desk. Sit. You know who sits here? Your boss sits here. Im sitting here. So sit down. Peter? Thank God youre alive. What happened? You can disappear. Ill help you. Name a city, Ill get you there. I have contacts. People who can help you start again. People who can make sure youll never be found. Im not running ever again. Running is better than dead. Thank you Peter, for saving my life. Letting you die was never an option. Come on, weve got to get moving. A lot has changed in a very short time. What were you doing a week ago? Living my life. And whats in Peter Devereauxs life? Simple things. A home in Lausanne. A small business. Its a cafe by a lake. And a daughter. Who never got to know her mother, and who barely knows her father. Whats her name? Lucy. Shes twelve. Where is she now? Waiting for her father to pick her up from boarding school. Lucy? Never had you pegged for the father type, Peter. That such a lovely little girl could come from your DNA defies logic. Really, you should say something. Ill game you. If you hurt her, Ill you. Funny thing, Peter game turns out the keys to Federov are