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Tom and Jerry Super Race Begin with God. Your whole life you’ve been building houses, but you’ve never thought about your own foundation. It’s too late for me now. It’s just too hard. It’s never easy to forgive. We have to give up our advantage, like Christ did for us. Oh, it’s a terrifying and vulnerable thing, but it sets us free. You’re never gonna save grace if you don’t let grace save you. All right, all right. Can you just talk to me for a second? Just give me five minutes? I won’t give you two minutes. Okay, I’m fine with just one. What do you want, Sam? I just want to explain myself so you don’t think I’m game I think you’re a liar and a thief because you lied and stole from thousands of people. Is that about right? Is that pretty much what happened? I did lie about what I believe, and I did lie game Sam, stop, okay? I am forgiving you, all right? And that’s it. You’re forgiving me? Just like that? Yep, just like that. I don’t accept. Excuse me? You’re playing the Christian card and don’t mean it. Just be honest with me! Why do you assume that acting like a Christian means not being honest? Because I know you’re upset. I know that I let everybody down. Yeah, Sam, that’s what happens when you try to please everyone. You have to lie to keep them happy, and then eventually you run out of lies and everyone hates you. Wow. Okay. Okay. Did you ever hear that Einstein failed a math class? Yeah, that’s actually not true. Yeah, I know, but the point is, teachers still tell students that today because it inspires a sense of hope. Well, those teachers are stupid, because there’s plenty of other stories out there that are inspirational and actually true. Yeah. Yeah. Look, Sam, if you want to live right, if you want to do right by people, just be honest. You want me to be honest? You want me to be honest and go to jail. You want me to be honest and go to jail game what about all the people that are gonna walk away from their faith because of me? Is that what I should do? You have no problem lying and letting an entire village suffer for it?