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game and father passed away game father died game ? Death game who said death? Who’s death? Rana’s father game he died game Not now, long back game What was the problem? No problem as such game Died without any problem? I mean he had cancer game So cancer is a problem game why are you saying he had no problem? game well he had cancer but it was removed game Oh ok game Where was it? Throat game Throat game aah smoking is it? Where are you going game ? So they must’ve done tracheotomy .for him to breathe. Did they reconstruct Food pipe also? Ya something like that game What do you mean something like that game ? I mean game You should know what all the doctor did. Dad everyone is not so interested in all this game this medical nonsense has become your hobby game hey I am not talking to you game I am also not talking to you game ! Then game hey game listen where are you going game then what happened? Nothing game he was in the ICU game and then on a ventilator and game VENTILATOR?! You should’ve not put him on a Ventilator game it is wrong game Piku what he did to his father, you don’t do that with me, I’m telling you game you see game all this is commercial business game professional money making game why did you allow them to do it? Allow game l mean game l was game No no but why game why did you allow them to do this to your father game look my father was on death bed game doctor said we needed to put him on the ventilator game so what could’ve I done? I couldn’t have said no game it’s not my decision game Of course it is! Do you’ve any idea how much pain your father went through? game his whole body must’ve been pricked with needles game drip game blood game catheter down below game ECG machine game it’s inhuman treatment game you tortured your father! You get up if the Nurse picks you up game be at her mercy to change your clothes game and if you’ve passed motion in those clothes, then just keep lying down, game waiting for her again game oh gosh game no!! Look Piku game when I die, don’t do all this with