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Do you like surprises? Me! Yes! Give me minutes and I will give you parental bliss. Come on, sit down. Wait for me! I games What do you think? I mean games Why not? Can’t sleep. Kurt’s got it. Just give it a second. Trust me on this. Night night. Good night. Un-ing-believable. Pretty amazing people, huh, babe? Best case scenario? I love you. Shh. Night night. Sleep tight, boys. You are a man of many talents. I am. I love you so much. Love you so much. So, Charlotte games You’re the best. You know, I’m realizing as we’re sitting here that we’ve been together all night and I haven’t yet asked you what you games Oh, yeah. What you’re up to these days? Charlotte’s between things at the moment. Yeah. I am. Okay. I mean, right now my main job is mom. Ah, most important job of all. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Well, thank you Alex. Thank you. What do you games What do you mean by that? Oh. I just games No, I just mean, like games You know, I very much respect the mom job because I’ve been at home with RJ and games Oh, really? Um games Yeah. I mean, I meant it as a compliment to, you know, all the moms out there. Yes, yes. It’s beautiful that you’re making those sacrifices so that Emily can pursue her career. Yeah. Oh, thanks. But you need to find ways to nurture your soul at the same time. Oh. And how do you do that, babe? I have my hobbies. Charlotte’s working part time as a masseuse. Oh. Well, I’m dabbling. Yeah. That’s cool. But, you know what? She’s actually games She’s more than that. Um, she’s a fabulous actress. Really? Now, that is cool. That’s so nuts. I swear to God, right when I walked in here that’s exactly games Like I looked at you and I thought, “She’s so beautiful, she must be an actress or a model or something. ” Oh, thank you. You did? And I was right! I mean I haven’t done it in a long time. That’s crazy. Thank you. It’s hard because her French agent is not here, so it’s a little bit games It is hard. We’ve never met a real actress before. We don’t games Is there games You’ve never met an actor before?