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Toy Story Marbleous Missions 2 We can’t think of everything, not even us. Constable Ferris is also a member of that social club. No, sir. Ted Harris didn’t come into the club till late on Saturday night. About :. That’s definite. All right, Ferris. Sir. Not until :, eh? He gave us the impression he’d been there all evening. No, he didn’t. No. His daughter took it for granted, and we naturally followed. I think I’ll go round and see her game try and bounce her into giving something away. We still haven’t had the report on Johnnie Fiddle’s knife. No, we’ve got that to come. Drive round to that dairy, will you? Of course Dad spent the evening at the club. He always does Saturdays. My information is he didn’t get there until :. You’re not trying to suggest that he had anything to do with it? I’m not saying he did. I merely want to know where he was. Then ask him, Superintendent. Did Sapphire often go to your house? Yes. I suppose, really, you were all as much to blame as David. What do you mean? You shouldn’t have made her so welcome game if you didn’t want him involved with a colored girl. We didn’t know she was colored, not until Not until when, Mrs. Farr? Not until Saturday, was it? The day she was killed. My father didn’t do it, I swear, Superintendent. You can search the house from top to bottom. You’ll not find a speck of blood or a trace of Sapphire. Thank you, Mrs. Farr. I’m peckish, Lilly. Slip across to Mac’s and get me a ham sandwich, will you? Well, go on. No. Old Harris can’t be back yet, or he’d answer that phone. No, wait a minute. She’ll ring again. Who? Mildred. Oh, there’s no one in. Mrs. Harris has gone down to Richmond, and Milly’s at the dairy. Oh, thank you. You might find Mr. Harris in the paint shed, but you’ll have to go round the yard at the back for that. Thanks. No, he’s not here. I’d like to know what’s underneath that dust sheet. We haven’t got enough evidence to get a search warrant for this place. No. It was expecting too much. Saturday night, packed house. How could she remember? You didn’t make this up on the spur of the moment, did you?