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Train ride A million dollars? SAM Are you saying that these guys are getting paid a million dollars for playing a private party? That’s right. Said he’d do anything for that kid of his, including hiring a band to remind him of his days in detox. And now they’re dead? Oh, that is criminal. You know, if those little shits had lived two more days, we’d all be rich. Has anyone seen Dickson anywhere? I still can’t get Mouse’s tail to work, and it’s driving me crazy. Dickson! Dickson. Dickson. He’s probably in the workroom. Tell him we want to talk to him now. Mr. Berkowitz, were the Radio Werewolf guys badly injured in the accident? You know, maimed? Hardly a mark on ’em. They were killed by some stupid safety bag. Bernie, now, if it were possible Don’t ask me how. to arrange them to play tomorrow night for one set only here at the mortuary, can you still get that million? Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? I know it’s a big job, and you may not be up to it. We need it by tomorrow night. Oh, please, Dickson, you’ve got to do it! No Dickson. Just stop it! SAM Dickson. Dickson! DON No! If you do it, you’ll save the mortuary. DON No! You’ll be a hero! DON No! You’ll have a job with us for life. DON No! We’ll get you a girl. DON No. You’ll make a lot of kids very happy. Okay, I’ll do it. But I ain’t making any promises. Hey, baby Won’t you take a chance? Say that you’ll let me Have this dance Let’s dance Let’s dance We’ll do the shake, doowop Let’s do the samba too Any ol’ dance That you wanna do But let’s dance Hey, baby Yeah, you thrill me so Hold me tight Don’t you let me go Let’s dance Let’s dance We’ll do the twist The stomp This is bitchen! Any ol’ dance That you wanna do Shalom, Mr. Berkowitz. Hiya. I’ve got to hand it to you, Berkowitz. Ernie Livkin is sitting at home, eating his heart out. His son didn’t have anything half this spectacular for his bar mitzvah. That’s was a great hoax about the band dying, Mr. Berkowitz. Yeah, it got us a lot of publicity. That’s the name of the game, you know.