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What the devil is it? Look at that burst of gas. How could something like that be up here without our knowing it? All right. I guess that’s it. Let’s move. Ride my tail. Recon Able to flagship, we are maintaining course. Commander Game , Recon Able to flagship on Gamma . We’ve made contact with Lobe, no sign of Echo. I think we’ve spotted trouble. Luminous asteroid body. We’re very dose now, object moving on our tangent. Correct our position by twentytwo degrees on your quadrant six. Here’s the crew manifest and here is the ordinance TOV. It checks out so I’m going. But Captain the Commander said Game I know what he said. Game , you can’t. The flagship, Terry, goes with photon power. I’ll be there in no time. Rod gave you orders. Terry, I’ve got to. I want to see this horror, whatever it is. I want to fight it with my bare hands if I have to. I want to kill it. Do you have space for me? It’s contrary to orders you know but I think we’ll find a seat for you. Sergeant, this can’t be correct. According to your TOV you’ve got antimatter bomb packs on this cruiser. Yes, sir. That’s a capital offense. You know perfectly well that only the president himself can order the use of antimatter. Who did this? Where is Captain Dubrovsky? He left with the last cruiser. He left! Why wasn’t I notified? You may go. Magivers here Commander. Pm getting in close. The surface looks slightly shrouded. The thing shimmers in spots. There are jets of gas or vapor. IVs strange. Hold it Magivers. I see asteroids coming. Recons, ease off. A thousand and thirty. hours. Unexpectedly a school of asteroids come toward the reconnaissance squad. There is no set course to the direction or speed of an asteroid which makes trying to dodge them very difficult. Game is too preoccupied with this new danger to fully realize that Outpost Echo seems to have disappeared out of the sky. The body has stowed down. The asteroids seem to have slowed down too. They’re turning around.