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like we didn’t need that, that this was enough. One of the nice things is, throughout the test screenings, there was never a time where people didn’t understand the mystery. So we were able to kind of turn back on a few things we had done to motivate it. Yeah, it didn’t end up feeling telegraphed to me game (LAUGHS) Sorry, I’m laughing at the beer sword. Another prop that I took from set. You have the beer sword? Well there are two. I have one of them. Okay. They had to keep one for reasons and game But yeah, I did take one of them. I asked the props guy game You earned that beer sword. game John, if I could have the beer sword, and he was like game “I mean, I don’t think we’re allowed to, and then the next morning, it was in my trailer, so that was pretty cool. John can have whatever prop he wants. Oh, boy. That’s some puke. That’s some puke. This is a great example of game I have some skills as a director. Directing barfjokes is not one of them. I don’t think I landed this barfjoke as well as some other people might have. I don’t know, I thought it was a pretty good barfjoke. And then he tries to kiss Radar. You see, that’s much funnier, and thatjust comes from them. That’s true, actually. I mean, there’s something about, like game If you just stay inside of their performance, it’s great. Speaking of which, I have never, in all of my one and a half months being on movie sets in my life, I have never spent so much time talking with so many people about a particular scene as this scene. This scene is quite a thing. And this also, we should go back to Meg Crosbie, who played Ruthie, who helped us out a lot because when we first shot this scene game So in the script this is game They were supposed to sing Frozen. And then that was not allowed. Yep, Disney said no. Disney said no. So then we were like, “Well, what about Party in the USA”? And that was great and we shot it. And then three weeks later game Yep. game one week before we were going to wrap the film, we were talking to game I think Nat was talking to Meg on set and he was like,