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Mix this guy a drink with a little of everything! Make it two Game ! Am I interrupting? Not at all! Because Game I don’t really know what to make of you. We had a great time when we were kids, don’t you think’? We had a great time! We’d dress up at Easter together, remember’? You were so good at drawing Easter cards! Rikard called me “Anna the Planner”, remember? But in actual fact, you were the careful one. I drew the cards because I could draw and you coloured them in, perfectly! I was so careful. You’d done them so well! So I’d take an eraser and make the edges perfect! People loved those cards! Why was it so important to only be Mo’? How come, how did Game It was all three of us too! It was only if one of you was sick that it was Game We were at that “best friends” phase as I recall. I can’t remember that much Game You and me could play, but when Cecilia was there it was all friendship contracts. You thought it was OK for me to join in, didn’t you’? Sure, and you did join in. I don’t see why you’re going on about this. It just feels like you’re a bit cautious, a bit pathetic. You’re a coward. That’s what I think. Why do you have to talk about this now’? I think it’s fun to be here, seeing everyone again. But when would we talk about it? It’s been years. Who’d want to’? You’d never meet me if I called you. I would, but you never have! But you and Cecilia meet up? Sure, we do Game But you were the real losers, weren’t you? You were the losers! You weren’t popular. You were pathetic cowards. Cecilia and I were on your side! I don’t get why you’re having a go at me like this! I’m not. We had fun. Exactly! So why get at me? I’m not getting at you. I just want to hear you out. Get your side of it! Hey, what’s up? What’s wrong? Is it Anna? Enough’s enough, Anna. What the hell are you playing at? Playing at’? I just wanted to talk to Lena. That’s enough now, Anna! Lena! Lena! Lena’? May I speak with her please? Didn’t you hear’? I said enough. Get your coat and go home. Go home?