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It was United Airlines confirming Mrs. Wilson’s space to Reno, Nevada, leaving tonight at :. Reno? Hey. Now do you believe me? That’s outside the rules. I can’t lose her. I love her. Yeah, I know that. Then help me. How? You’re a writer. You write all those TV shows. Invent a reason why I was kissing that girl. Invent? Show Ann she was wrong. Show her she was mistaken with what she saw. Mike, she has a reservation to Reno. Think of something. I got a lot of work to do game Mike! Mike, you’re my buddy. Well game I’ll never forget you for this. You’re not out of the woods yet. Yes, I am, and once you’ve decided to help me, I know I’m all right. You wanna know why? Because you’re a genius. That’s what you are. You know those TV shows of yours? They’re just wonderful. They’re clever and touching, and they game And they’re really truetolife. And they point a moral, besides. I try to make them that, you know. And it’s interesting that you should notice the moral. Yes, you can see it. You know, we get thousands of letters from moralists, people in jail, dope addicts. It’s a real crosssection of American life. Well, wonderful. Wonderful. And I game Mike, we haven’t got much time. Ann told me to move out of the apartment by :. That’s only three hours. That’s not much time. Yeah, but I know we can do it, Mike. I’m sure we can. I mean, you can do it. Yeah, but what have we got to go on? I mean, who are the characters? What do they do for a living? Well, I’m an assistant chemistry professor at Columbia University. I’ve been employed here now for the past six years. Does it help you if I talk like that? I’m also in charge of student admissions. Student admissions. Now, that girl game That girl that was kissing me, she wanted to be transferred from a morning class to an afternoon class. She’s a foreign exchange student. I did it, and she was grateful. Foreign exchange student? One’s mine. Mike, that’s proof. Are you sure you’re gonna be able to think? I can think lying down. Now, let me see game Ann, Ann. What does she do?