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I walked about this room on nights like this, going crazy for a man. Any man. Didn’t matter. And sometimes when there was a man out there, he knew about it and he’d come in and sometimes I’d have him or he’d have me, whatever suits you. But not all of them and not every time I wanted to. And when the season’s work was over I’d pay him off, no matter how well he’d worked or how well he’d pleased me, ’cause the man that’s in a woman’s bed thinks he’s her boss and sooner or later they’d have tried to move their tackle out of the shed and in here, and I didn’t want that, ’cause I’d already had one man in here and I didn’t want another. Is that all you want to ask me? Mrs Collings? Mrs Collings? Oh, I was just passing. Thought I’d drop by. I never seem to catch you in town, somehow. Hello, Mrs Sorenson. It’s not often I get visits from your good self. I was so glad to hear the news. I’m sure you’re very pleased. Oh? Well, I saw the paper with my very own eyes. Carl said he recognised him in town today, but I said that wasn’t possible, because we hadn’t even come to town in those days. But I’m sure you’re very pleased. Janey, you go on outside and play for a bit. And I’ll bet you’re pleased too, aren’t you, little Janey? Go on, Janey. Go on outside, like I told you. I assume you’re talking about the fact that Harry’s come back? Oh, yes, of course. Maybe we’ll see you in town at the quiltings and all. Folks are always saying what a pity you never get into town. Mrs Sorenson, I didn’t know that he was coming back and I don’t know how long he’ll stay. I don’t want Janey upset. She thinks her father’s dead. If she finds out different and if he goes off again Games He’s not going anywhere. Didn’t he show you what he wrote? He had it up all over town. “No further need of hired help,” it said. Man that does that isn’t thinking of going nowhere. Your husband isn’t around? I’d so like to meet him. You know, Carl and I were still in Philadelphia then. No. He’s out on the farm. Oh, I see. Well, I just dropped by to say hello.