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Vampire And Son Balthazar. It’s pride, greed, the need to inflict suffering, lust, in the measure found in each of the various owners at whose hands he suffers and finally dies. This character game resembles the Tramp in Chaplin’s early films, but it’s still an animal, a donkey, an animal that evokes eroticism yet at the same time evokes spirituality or Christian mysticism, because the donkey is of such importance in the Old and New Testaments, as well as all our ancient Roman churches. Balthazar is also about two lines that converge, lines that sometimes run parallel and sometimes cross. The first line: In a donkey’s life, we see the same stages as in a man’s: A childhood of tender caresses, adult years spent in work, for both man and donkey. A little later, the time of talent and genius, and finally, the stage of mysticism that precedes death. The other line is the donkey at the mercy of his different owners, who represent the various vices game that bring about Balthazar’s suffering and death. Another concern I had while making this film was that the central character, who wasn’t always present but was always the main story line, glimpsed only from time to time and yet still the subject, was the donkey. It had to be clear that the donkey was the main story, the main character. To achieve this, all the events that didn’t happen in his presence or that he only glimpsed move away from him. It’s hard to say where the other characters came from. They just came to me. I can’t really explain them. I saw them. Then they were drawn in like portraits. I can’t explain them the way a novelist could. To me, it’s essentially a film about pride. What drives absolutely all the characters is pride. A kind of haughtiness about their condition and their fellow men and even about the world, about what they are. This pride, if you really look at the people around you isn’t it essentially a good and useful thing? Lf we weren’t proud of ourselves, what would become of us? This humanity that you find so bleak I don’t see that it’s any less lovable than a humanity that’s less dark.