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Oops! Humiliation. Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. You also zero. All in the corner! To begin with, go to the corner Ducobu. And then write times: I will no longer make a silly parody of my teacher. Hurry up. And erase that ridiculous mustache! No more clowning around here! You are not in the circus, this is a classroom! Continue dictation: I’ll take care of you. Attention! Games Dive to thousand feet. All hands on deck. Are Captain Krassblyurka’s ships visible yet? Not yet. Verify sector to starboard. Aye, Captain. To starboard. What is it? Krassblyurk went on the attack? No. End of mission. Operation completed. Come on a little bit more! It’s time to eat. Footwork in an urban environment. Take her to the theater or opera. Opera tickets are insanely expensive. But an operetta is possible. Great idea! Satisfaction. Heavens! It’s pm. Time for bed. Sleepytime Games Ducobu! Ducobu! Why has he started shouting? He is glad that he has a new family. Tell me, until recently you regularly brought home perfect grades. And lately nothing. Are you hiding something? No, Dad. There are no tests right now. Mr. Latouche is in love. He can’t concentrate on anything else. Do you have a girlfriend? Me? I’m too busy studying. Too much homework. Happy birthday, neighbor. Thank you. What a beauty! I hope I’m the first? No, you’re the last to arrive. Welcome to my lesson! To the lesson? Let us continue. x . Sidonie. . Bravo! I think it’s time to start the celebration. If you have completed the exercises on multiplication, go to grammar. Cool birthday! Just not enough music Games Quiet! You are disturbing us. If you came to spoil everything you better just go. Okay. Okay. Open the tutorial on page . Tom. Present participle formed with Suffixgorge (Forgiving) for the first conjugation verbs andarg (drawers) for the second. Bravo! Gerunds are formed by adding the suffixa (s). Right, Karina. And add a comma. And now Now we go nuts! Here. Dance like me. Wake him up? He’s dreaming of something pleasant. Exactly. Do you think he dreams about me?