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Yes, all right. And then? So I informed me game You continue with that famous OQTF. It is dangerous to file a case in the city hall and this for a year. In the meantime, you need to be discreet. Do not be caught in police raids, avoid major subway stations, como Châtelet game Airports, barriers, not cheat on the subway. I understood that. But what is the solution? Well game The solution is to resubmit the visa application. That’s it. Here how long? I explained. A year from now. And what do all this time? Avoid train and subway stations? Are you kidding me? Is that it? No, not at all. It may be nice to have a transition period. Transition? You think I’ll stay at home watching flies flying? Die of fright to see a uniform? The other day I shivered in front of a mailman. How can I live? How do I pay the rent? There are people who depend on me. Is here to help me? Yes or no? Stop crying like that. I also have right to annoy me. You think it’s easy for me? Be picking this bunch of bums documents? “Missing this one.” “It’s not that.” “I live here.” “No, I live there.” So calm down, right? Because I’m tired! I’m tired, you know? Baguette. I did not ask this, I’ve had enough! WTF, and Who can stand? WTF! What did she say? ‘Overall’, she is tired. I promise to avoid the seasons. Why yelled at me like that? Not just me, you also cried. And high. Got mad at me? Good night, Alice. Good evening, Simone game Please game Do not complained of biscuits. Good night, Alice. Good night, Odette. Good night, Odette. And then? Still mad at me? Sure? Sure. Thank you Alice for everything you do for me. Thank you very much. Really. Thank U. I need to go. Thank U. Great, let it go game And drew the conversation away. Do not fill! You are free. That’s fine. I know well, but not filled. Do you have hot blood, real. h. See you. See you. Hello. I’m looking for someone called Gracieuse. I was told that he could be here. Me. No, I’m looking for Gracieuse. I told you, it’s me. And you? I’m friends with Jonas. Whether manicure? Simple, or massage? , or minutes?