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Water Attack 2 A New York/LA team? When’s the last time a series in New York did not last seven games? You know the revenue alone in TV commercials? Endorsements for the players? The income it’s bringing into the city for transportation? There are no game ing jobs in New York, are there? There’s no way the series is gonna end tomorrow. There’s too many people want to milk it for what it’s worth. Did I steer you wrong yesterday? You want to make a smart move? Leave it on the Mets. What do you want to do? I’m in. Are you a doubter? I’ll tell you what, then. Don’t listen to the way I steered you yesterday. All right? So you owe me money. What do you want to do? Dr. Sherman, . Dr. Sherman, . Can I help you with something? I’m in charge of the investigation. Just checking security. Security? Wouldn’t want the guys coming back, would you? For the nun, or for you. Here are the soiled undergarments and the nun’s habit. They’re to be taken by you for evidence. Now, black pubic hair other than the patient was found during comb inspection. Here are the samples of that. There was trauma to the vaginal mucosa with multiple lacerations that appear to be made with a sharp object, in which the hymen membrane was broken. It was stated that this object was a crucifix. Trauma consistent with multiple penetration. Threecentimeter laceration. Let the Mets be uplifted. Let the Mets have a nice dinner at home. Let the Mets look at the postgame highlights and see base hits all over the place. One bullet has been dodged! Just a couple more to go, and I’ll tell you something right now. The longer this series goes, the longer this series goes, the Dodgers will get awfully tight, and if it somehow gets to a Game game You girls know you’re driving with a taillight out? Really? Yeah. No, we didn’t know. But thank you for telling us. Let me see your license and registration. Hey. Where’s your license? Actually, I don’t have my license with me. You don’t? No. Do you have a driver’s license? No. You don’t have it with you? Whose car is this? Listen, this is our father’s car.