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Water Bomb War He asked your mother to choose. She chose your father. But you chose us! MY darling Granny! All those trains I caught. They know me on that line. I’m glad you’re all here. Dammit! Léa, dinner! What about your shoes? Let them dry outside. We’ll try tomorrow with Mr. Clean. It’s ready! When Granny says it’s ready, it’s ready! Can you get some plates out? What an antique! Does it work? Who knows! Here, the TV watches us. What did he say? The spiders here are huge. Tell him he’s fine, they’re scared of me. Didn’t you hear me? Didn’t you hear me? In Paris, we eat late. You’re in our home, not Paris! Beef with aubergines! What don’t you want? The bone? That’s lucky. He’s gone off beef? No, it’s not that. Théo has realized that meat is sacrificed animals. We explained it. Only the really nasty animals get killed. The ones that deserve it. Hold on, that fella there was ferocious. With huge horns. Enormous! Used to attack calves. Tiny, little calves. Eliminated! C’mon, give me your plate. Look at that, there you go. Your plate. No way. I’m locavore veggie. What did she say? The veggie carpaccio type. Locally grown veg, obviously. You’ve heard of industrial farming? Sure. Cows fart and wreck the ozone layer. Shit! What now? The garlic! Sure, in Provence, we use garlic. In Bayonne, you’d get chilli. In India, curry. You got any bananas? A few peaches. Where’s the tea? The shelf by the sink. A black sachet. Seriously, you don’t buy fair trade? Fair is when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I see. I’m gonna go poke a friend. You got enough speed? Who knows? I gotta blow. Did you hear that? You say nothing? Bedtime? I’ll read you a nice story. I know, usually it’s Daddy. His father’s done reading him stories. No one offered to help. You saw that? Tell me, is this what you call making an effort? You found them polite? They needed a granddad, we got that. What do they look like? Léa, with that turban, the Bin Laden look? And Adrien, doing everything in slowmotion? Have you forgotten? What? Your youth! We had flowers in our hair,