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Oh, you did? Yeah. I asked for you and Wulfric game but no one knew who you were. You asked who? The bar-back. James game Troublemaker. Probably thought it was comedic. He didn’t seem like the comedic type. What’s that? Sounded like a car. Promise me you’ll always come find me. You sick, delusional, hypocritical slut! All this time you pretend like you want to game When you knew me all along you stalker ! Why don’t you come back here game and say it to my face, you little whore! you, River! Don’t you dare ing come back! I never ing loved you. Jordana, we have to go. River! Look at me, River! My meds! Your meds? In the cabinets! Here. June. Well isn’t this a nice surprise. If I would’ve known I would’ve worn something nicer. I like what you’re wearing. You’re reading the Confederacy of Dunces? Yeah, I really like it so far. That is one of my all-time favorite novels. What are you doing here? Laundry. Right. Yeah, it’s a laundromat. I live down the street. So do I! Careful, you tell me where you live game I could be some creepy stalker game I’m game I’m not game You never called me, June. I was a little hurt. I’m sorry. I meant to, I still am game It’s just I game Liz has had me so slammed at work and game I game she’s actually still worried about where game all her stuff is right now. So I have to go. You’re working on a Saturday? Yeah, stuff we’re working on is all due next week game so we’re crammed. Top secret mission, huh? It was nice running into you again. June game Do you want to come over for dinner tonight? I told you how I feel about actors. So let me change your mind. I’ll cook for you. Okay. Yeah. Perfect. My place. Text me and I’ll send you the address. Alright I will. Where you at, June game Oh god game Hey you. Hey. You look great. Thank you, so do you. Why don’t you let your hair down. Wow. River, I’m not used to all this special treatment. Well get used to it. I’ll be right back. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message , June. Answer the goddamn phone, June!