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But, of course, like everyone else, I’ve wanted to Game Game somehow say that this or that upset or hurt me. But I’d never do that. It’s not the done thing. But I wanted to find out what happens when you do do it. When you do what you normally wouldn’t do otherwise. PART THE MEETINGS Here. Thanks. Oops! Don’t worry, I’ve got it. Sorry about that. It happens. I filled the cup too much. I’ll just give this a wipe Game Help yourself to a sandwich. Thanks! I’m glad you could make it. I can’t say that I remember much from our class back then. I had a lot going on outside school. I was very focused on sports. I had other friends outside school, and Game I never really had any problems in school. I had fun. I liked our class. I enjoyed it. But I have my own idea of what I was like Game wand it would be interesting to hear Game what impression you had of me. I’ll get to that, but first I thought I’d show you the film. Because Game in the film, I’ve been invited. So it’s like, “What if?” What if I’d been there? What were you all trying to avoid? Are we going to watch it now’? Yes. Then we can talk afterwards. I’ll just dim the lights. Do we have any more bottle openers? Malle? Hi! Great to see you! Wow! This is so exciting! Game It’s these times that I often look back on. And if there’s one thing I wish for my own kids it’s that they experience the same sense of camaraderie that we had. Cheers and thank you! Cheers! Anders! Anders! I think we have different memories of our wonderful camaraderie. I think we have different memories of our wonderful camaraderie. I can”: recall you ever once, during this time in any way acknowledging my existence. Despite being the host for this party you’ve neither greeted nor even looked at me. It’s OK to talk to me now, is It? Can you get out of my way? Get out of here! It’s OK to talk to me now, is it? That’s enough! Lena doesn’t want to talk to you, Anna! Go! I’ll just turn the lights back on. That was Game exciting to see. In reality