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While fleeing from the rain He thinks you’re dead. He thinks he killed you. Who? William Score. Scarelli. Did you ever hear of him? No. Get your stuff together. We’re going to get out of here. Hello. Shark, the tapes are gone. What? Yeah. They’re missing from the squad room. I come over here, and the in’ tapes are gone from here, too. What are you talkin’ about? All the tapes are gone? Yeah. Except a few I was working on at home. I can’t reach Arch, and I can’t reach Papa. I’m gonna call May right now, tell her to take the kid and get out of there. I’m goin’ home, Sharky. Nosh, listen to me. You got copies of Victor, right? You got copies of Hotchkins? Copies. I got in’ Game Don’t you ever let go, for Christ sakes? Just go home, Nosh. I’ll call you later. Shark Game who’s on our side? We got to get out of here. If he finds out you’re still alive, he’s gonna come back for you. Why? He wants you dead. Then I am dead. No. That’s dead. Where are we going? Somewhere where you’ll be safe. South America? Where have you been for the last hours? I went to the mountains. I like being alone sometimes. None of your business anyway. I see. You told Tiffany you were going, though, right? Right. At dance class. You know everything? I don’t know Victor’s last name. I don’t know your first name. Sergeant. Sergeant. Tell me, Sergeant, just how big is your army? They’re good men. You’ll be all right. More than a hundred? . What? . Great. Just one bed? Yeah. I’ll sleep on the floor. I know. Well? Oh. Is this your place? I used to live here when I was a little kid. My father sold the house right after the war. It came up for sale about a year ago. I come here every weekend. I fix it up. I love the house Game Why do you have my pictures on your wall? They are my pictures, aren’t they? Why do you have my pictures all over your wall? I don’t know. Does Victor use the other women like he uses you? Does he pay you? Or does he own you? You’re so goddamn smart, aren’t you? He owns you, too. You’re just too naive to know it. Nobody owns me. I don’t want to talk anymore.