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Oh, look! What is it? Nothing. I thought there was a golden eagle. Eagle? What would a golden eagle be doing here? Okay, let’s not waste time. To the board. Move! x = . x = . x = . x = . x = . x = . x Games Nice try, Ducobu. For effort you get a zero. Sit down. This result gives us the average score for third term Games What complicated calculating! Almost no room to write your zero Games No, here, there’s a mini place for a minizero. Ask your father to come visit me. Otherwise I’ll have to pay him a courtesy visit. Why is he calling me? I do not know. He just asked you to come. Maybe he wants you to skip a grade. Maybe Dad. Maybe. Well, we’ll see. I hope not Games Games Bloom, blossom crocus in the meadows Games Summer is coming to an end. Blow wind fallen leaves. Circling, circling Games Ducobu! Ducobu, where are you? I was happy, but you have all zeros! Why? Because you are lazy! Latouche showed me Games wipe that smile off your face. Games because you’re cheating At this rate you’re definitely going to boarding school. Latouche = crazy Leonie! Don’t you get it? I’m not talking to you. That’s a shame, because I have news for you. I’m listening. I can still avoid boarding school. If I get for third term. I got in the nd term, and on the st. I’m fine. So while the average score of . You do not know how to count! Your average is . This is even better than . Five’s enough to stay here. I’m saved. You forgot the fourth quarter. You’ll get another zero. True. I had not thought of that. I’m screwed Games ASS HATS OF LATOUCHE Mom, thank you for breakfast! Good Heavens! April Mademoiselle Rato! Where are all the children? In class already. Really? Caution, it’s April . They’re ready. Do not worry. I will deal with it quickly. Me too. This year I’m on the lookout. Good luck to you. You, too. Quiet! He’s coming! What have these rogues cooked up? Pin on the chair Smelly cheese on the table, jam on a rag, scribbled board. At least they could innovate. Join the game, my little Gustave. Only once a year.. And what’s with my board?