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and I’ll become a cop, like Pasha. Oh no game Listen, bro, this is not like you. You hear me? You’ve never let problems get to you before. What’s the matter with you? Things were different. We’re not anymore. The years take their toll. Anyway, what are you on about? Are you a shrink now? I’m no ing shrink. But , man, it’s like game You can look at this situation differently. How is that? ing hell game You’re my brother! Take on the challenge, for ‘s sake! It’s a fresh start! Easy for you to say. You’re off to Moscow tomorrow game What’s Moscow got to do with it? Come with me then. You hear me? Why not? To Moscow? Sure. Pack your bags. Rent a studio apartment for starters, for about ,. Oh, wow! What? That’s a fair price. A ing genius handyman like you won’t have any problems finding work! With your hands, you’ll be all right. We’ll find something for Lilya, too. Maybe in some shop at first. Anything is better than cleaning fish at that stinking fish farm. What’s the matter with you, bro? What about Roma? What about him? He’ll go to school. He’s a kid. He goes to school! Sort of game He’s barely a C-student. Who will take him? They’re required to. They’ll take him. Kolya! I’m not a C-student. I get Bs. Don’t get worked up. What are you doing listening to us? Why would I do that? I just went to the toilet. Come over here then! Come on. What’s up guys? You need help? Kolya, don’t you recognise authority when you see it? And what do you want, “Authority”? Just all of this. Come and get it. Will it all fit into your hearse? What else? You’re all insects. You always have to make things difficult, don’t you? That’s way you’re all drowning in . Kolya, have you packed your suitcases? Look, sir, it’s you who’s not supposed to be here now. The court ruling hasn’t taken effect yet. And your office doesn’t entitle you to come here. Do you have a warrant? Who are you? Dmitri Seleznev, Moscow Bar Association. Kolya’s lawyer in litigation with your gang. Oh, yeah, I heard someone babbling about that. So what’s up, Kolya?