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(CHUCKLES SLOWLY) (EXHALES DEEPLY) (JOSH GRUNTS) Uh, mimosa? Uh, no, I’m actually on my way to a meeting. So, I’m probably not gonna start drinking at : on a Thursday. Yeah, no, I didn’t Games I don’t want one, either. Um, I got us chocolate chip pancakes for the table, like we used to. (CHUCKLES) Um, cool. I don’t have a lot of time, so Games Okay, no, then I’ll just get right to it. I’m done. I’m Games I’m finally done. What? What are you done with? With our time apart. I know it’s been really difficult. It’s been difficult on both of us. But, I’m finally ready for us to be together. And I’ll never have to wonder about anything else. I’m seeing someone. (CHUCKLES SLOWLY) That is Games Congratulations. ALICE: Um Games So, then, so, Josh, you want to just, like, tell me when you’re done, then? I don’t know, Alice. Like, we can Games We’ll just wait till you’re done. ‘s different, I’m not Games I’m not sure I want the same things anymore. (CHUCKLES) You mean, like, me? I didn’t need an experiment to know that I loved you. And I’m not an idiot. You’re, I guess, done with whatever you’ve been doing with whoever you’ve been doing, and you think you can come running back to me? No, thanks. I’ll pass. WAITER: Who ordered pancakes? ALICE: Meg, I’m not ready to be alone. I’m not. I don’t know how to reset my router. I don’t even know where it is. I don’t even really know what, exactly, it does. I’m gonna be alone forever. At least my dead body will serve as food for my cats. In the eight weeks that it takes for anybody to find me, because nobody gives a . Why are you watching Bridget Jones? (SNIFFLING) What did I tell you? It feels good in the moment. I know, but it’s a bad idea. You get yourself all hopped up on and the City and Bridget Jones and thinking that you need to have some big single experience. Which, by the way, is total bull. No. All those girls ever did was look for boyfriends. And this is a great thing, because now you can focus on your career. What? No! I put myself out, into the world,