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Zombi Boy But Mr. Doucet was. He led me to his room to look at pictures, and gave me one. But when he gave you the picture, you said he kissed you. Yes. Several times. That’s it? He touched me too. All over, you said? All over. Enough! Get out of here, you understand? Get out of here! I’ve brought you all together because the police are about to arrest Mr. Doucet. It’s very serious. What he did was very serious, if he actually did it. But also the consequences. You may not know it, but this’ll end up in court. Know what Mr. Doucet could face? Hard labor for life. Did you hear that? Hard labor for life! I just wanted you to know. The parents, and the girls too. Are you all sure you’re not mistaken? We never said he raped her. We said he tried. Same thing! Articles and of the penal code game It says so right here: “Even attempted game ual assault, if violence is involved game ” Which is the case. ” game by a teacher on one of his students under years old, shall be sentenced to hard labor for life. ” Have you thought about it carefully? Josette? ? Catherine? The Roussels? Arnaud? The Monniers? You’re leading the witnesses. I’m keeping them informed! You won’t retract your accusations? Fine. Take Mr. Doucet away. Excuse me. Lowlife! One gold lighter. One pair of black shoelaces. One black belt. One black tie. One gold wedding band. I know you won’t mind Catherine returning to class. Just because your husband game Of course, it’s what I’d expect. Hello, Catherine. Hello. This can’t interfere with her graduation. It’s important. She’ll be treated like everyone else. I hope so. Class is starting. Goodbye, Mrs. Roussel. Goodbye. Recreation’s over! What are you in for? Jumping a little girl. You could always try jumping the wall! I’m no idiot, I’m trying to be absolutely thorough. I know what kids are capable of, I know the risks of teaching. I read the papers and watch TV. If it was just Catherine or or Josette, I’d believe they’re lying. But the accusations are unrelated. Why would all lie? In my cell, I go over and over it in my head.