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It’s a nice present for our F?hrer. He will see what the German Air Force is capable of. Hey, what’s that? Revolutionary pin? No. It’s a football pin. Athletic club. From Bilbao, my city. I wear it because my father gave it to me when he played for them. What’s he do now? He passed away. I’m sorry. You must miss him. Yes. Yes, I do. I wasn’t a daughter that he hoped for. He arranged my marriage to a family friend, and I ran away. Here, in this country, a lot of people believe that women can’t have their own opinions. Come on. Everybody to the bus, please. Let’s go. Next up, a government hospital. Supplies are generously provided by the Soviet Union. You have to talk to your paper. I mean it. -Hello. -Hello. Hi. Your cow needs a tail. How did this happen? Was it from the fighting? Better story for you if I said yes? I’ll get the truth for you, but the real truth is on her face, no matter what happened to her. She needs your help. Marta, please. Thank you. No. The government is dead but behaves as if it isn’t. The Basque front is about to collapse. The thing is, the retreat may come right through my position here in Bilbao, by Gernika. So Games ! -What? -You know the rules. -You are all such cynics. -You have something for me? Yeah. -You’d better go home, it’s late. -Right away. See you tomorrow. We have a report that a journalist has been in Burgos and now moves freely in our area. -Name? -Not yet. Not acceptable. It isn’t good? No, it’s . Dig deeper. My young lady found it. Bookstore. Just on the street. Antique bookstore, but Games You want me to sign it? Keep it. In fact, read it. This is a Tree of Gernika. An ancient symbol of Basque identity. Oak trees symbolized traditional freedoms for Bizcayans and for the Basque people. Many centuries ago, under this tree, laws were enacted, prohibiting torture and arresting people without court approval. You have five minutes to take photos, okay? We’ll meet back at the bus. This is off the record, but do you wanna taste the real Basque country? Wonderful Games