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You’re on your own! Hello, Sardine? Yeah! I have a gift for you. Oh yeah? What? My place on the podium. Enough bullshit! What happened? Yesterday I lost my keel bulb. So I stabilized with ballast, but now it’s over. Ah, shit! I’m diverting to the Azores. That’s all. You’re second now! Maybe it’s your lucky day. Paoli is at miles. You can still catch him. Go on. Good luck. No worries! I’m on it. th Day Off the Coast of Portugal Yann nd Merry Christmas Look what I found! Let me see. Merry Christmas! That must be for Franck. In any case, Christmas is past. Merry Christmas, buddy! What is it? Let me see. Show me. Let me see, I’m telling you, bastard. Show me. Oh, the bastard! The little bastard! Franck keeps himself busy. OK. It’s not for you. Too young for that. Give it, little bastard! Give it! Give it back to me! That’s it, we caught Paoli! Bravo, Yann. I’m proud of you. It’s not just the victory that’s beautiful! Franck The sun sets for me. Tomorrow, it’ll rise for the three of us. I love you, Daddy. th Day Arrival Yann st Yann Kermadec won’t cross the finish line Disqualified Mano, come here. Come on! Come on!