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I don’t have that information. You liar! What happens in her life is no longer my business. Now get out. And take your coat. Get out. Carmen. Where is Teresa? I don’t know. How should I know? -You’re her friend, aren’t you? -I don’t know anything! Go away. Leave me alone. Please! Help me. Don’t you get it? For God’s sake, leave. Please. Henry. Bad news. They found the body of that Spanish journalist. My contacts say Teresa didn’t leave. She’s in a cheka. -A what? -Soviet prison. They use it to make their enemies disappear. -It is in Gernika. -Let’s go. She was working right under your nose, was she? Excellent work, Mikiavich. Stalin will be pleased. -And? -And what, Mikiavich? I delivered you an enemy of the people. My brother, Nikolai. Unfortunately, too late. I will need your Games I will need your signature on the death certificate. Stalin does not forgive, Mikiavich. You continue your work, or you will have to come back to Moscow, with some explanations. A magnificent day. Ideal for a drive along the beach, don’t you think? Good luck, boys! Everything will be OK! No. Please. -Can you stop this? -We have to follow the orders. Take your clothes off! -No. -Undress! Vasyl, why are you doing this? Vasyl! Have mercy, please! Out of the way! It’s lovely, how much is it? -Yeah, this is the street. Don Tello Street. -Don Tello, okay. Excuse me. Excuse me. Calle Don Tello? Marco, this way. Now, don’t make this more difficult. Please. Just sign it. “I, Teresa Azcotia, “confess that I’m a traitor, “and that I sabotaged the revolution.” Please. Please. Please. -This can’t be happening. -I’m sorry. -This can’t be happening. -I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. You ask this woman. Excuse me, sir. I don’t speak Spanish. I need to find Calle Don Tello. You know what that is? We have to go to the shelter! Come on! Henry, come on. Henry, come on! I’m gonna go this way. I’ll meet you here in an hour, okay? In an hour! Isabel! Where are you going? To the tailor’s! -Have you gone mad? -My wedding dress! Come back! Isabel! Planes! Get to the shelter!