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I will stare at you from death game and wait for you to join me. You, and all here game are cursed. Well said. A glorious way to die. Slaughter the rest! We will eat our fill tonight. We take his head. You are cursed. DRY You. Did you find the boy? No. The boy fled. We leave. Our men are dead game and they took your father’s head. Where were you, boy? Look“. game see what you have done to our glorious people. Look! What plant is this? Wirepa has our father’s head. Do you understand the lesson? Our ancestors scream at me for repayment. And what can you do? One against so many? I will get repayment alone game or die seeking it. If I could game I would kill Wirepa myself. But I cannot. And neither can you. If I do not return game tell stories about me. We will cross here. That way is forbidden. It goes though the Dead Lands. So we’ll move swiftly, then. Travelling through the Dead Lands saves us five clays. My lord game Tahi is right. Those lands are forbidden game we risk the wrath of its spirits. They say there is game a monster. A monster who eats the flesh of anyone who passes game who consumed a whole tribe. What do I care game of monsters? Or the dead ancestors of this place? They will marvel at my glory! And the ghosts will hide from us. Yes, Lord. We go. Come here, boy. Don’t you recognise me? The young have such short memories. I am your grandmother. I have never spoken with the dead before. I am proud of you. But game you are a fool. What do you think you will do on your own? I will kill Wirepa. He will kill you. Stupid! I will not let it be so. I am my father’s son. Then think, boy game as your father would have. I know who can help us. The flesh-eating warrior who haunts these lands. There is something of your father in you after all. Why are you here, little one? Don’t you know men who come here never leave? I am here to speak with the warrior who is said to live here. I am a chief. Is that right? A chief? Show these witches no fear game or they will devour you. They feast on the blood of great warriors.