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go play against the North Koreans. As the players make their way to the court, there’s a buzz of activity in the corridors, and there’s only one explanation Games The Marshal, Kim Jong-Un, has arrived. Standing in the tunnel and listening to the roar of the crowd, the scale of the event only just starts to hit home. For the first time ever, an American team will play an away fixture in North Korea with Kim Jong-Un watching on. National pride is at stake, and even though the event will only be broadcast in North Korea, the result will be eagerly anticipated around the world, so it’s a game neither side will want to lose. Now the players of half our team from D.P.R. Korea and the NBA star’s team from U.S.A. Will enter the stadium. It’s game time. Before the game, Mr. Dennis Rodman would like to say a few words. With the players out on court and , North Koreans waiting patiently, it’s time for Dennis’ big moment. Uh Games I would like to really thank, um Games My peers here from the U.S. Having the guts to believe in me, to be here with The Marshal for his birthday. A lot of people have expressed different views about me and your leader here, The Marshal. And I take that as a compliment, a compliment as far as the world. Yes, he’s a great leader. He provides for his people here in this country. And thank God the people here love The Marshal. Um Games For the people of North Korea, I want to say one thing Games This is history-breaking ground for everyone that’s involved. My peers here, the national team here. All I want to say is just to my friend and his wife and his family Games his family Games Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday, dear Marshal Happy Birthday to you Dennis’ serenading of The Marshal ls very unexpected, even by his standards and shows how naive he is to the wider political situation. It’s very unlikely to go down well back home, but for now, that will have to wait Games there’s a basketball game to be played. And in another unexpected move, Dennis has decided