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I have a blackness that comes upon me game where even the God of War would not venture. I’ve clone many bad things. I told you game do not mistake me for a good man. I am not the hero from the stories. I am the monster. You’ve clone well so far, eh boy? You’re still alive. I have failed. Wirepa got away. Well, you can give up game anyone can give up. I didn’t say I was giving up. That’s good. I want repayment for what happened to my son game and you are the only one who can get it. Why do you stare at me? What right do you have game to stare at me? How dare you? Sigh at me not! I have something to show you. There game see it? There will be more flesh tonight. Now we can settle up. They will see it. Fool! You talk of fools? Who set the ancestors of this land against us? And dragged us through it game with empty bellies! He’s a fool game but no need to kill him. Why are we here? You could not go on game so we took shelter. It’s defendable. Are you ready to travel? Fight him when you control the ground. Back inside the fort! Cowards! It was glory you wanted. Come then game and I will tell stories about how brave you were. Instead of hiding behind a fence like cowards! Look upon your son, Tane. The weeping dwarf game who caused your tribe’s suffering. You are funny. So brave, eh game behind a fence? Behind my fence. Glory game or death. Either way game you’ll make a handsome corpse, eh boy? We will die here without water. Be still. It’s only been a day. Just one clay, yes game but my mouth is filled with nothing but dust! Mana is right. We have no supplies. You have put us in a trap. Remember your place. So it’s our place game to die of thirst? They have no food or water. We have them. Your quest for glory game where has it led us? Into this trap game from which there is no escape! We wither here until the demon sees fit to consume us. Settle down! Come and look game You are not your father. Lord game You are a fool! There! Let his blood sustain us. Lord game look. What did I tell you? The ancestors of this place choose me.